Mint Pea Puree with Salmon and Lemon Brodetto

Let’s say you make Hillary’s decadent pea tortellini on Tuesday, you’ll probably be looking for something a little lighter on Wednesday.  That’s where this pea puree comes in.  A fresh mix of mint and sweet peas, a dash of garlic, salt and pepper and you’re in business.  I adapted this recipe from Giada De Laurentiis’ salmon in lemon brodetto with pea puree.  It made for an exceptional springtime dinner.  I too, however, was left with an absurd amount of pea puree, which I will probably be enjoying atop quinoa pasta for many days to come…

For the pea puree – combine the following in a food processor and puree.

1 package of frozen peas, thawed

1/4 cup packed fresh mint leaves

1 large clove of garlic

salt & pepper to taste

With the food processor running gently stream in a 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil.  Transfer the puree to a bowl and stir in ½ cup of grated parmesan.  And there you have it: a bright, simple pea puree.

Now, to accompany that beautiful puree…

Lemon Brodetto:

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 shallot, diced

2 lemons, juiced

1 lemon, zested

2 cups vegetable broth

1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves


4 (4-6 oz.) pieces of salmon

salt & pepper

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

To make the lemon brodetto, warm the olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add the shallots and saute until tender. Add the lemon juice, zest, and broth. Bring to a simmer, and keep warm, covered, over low heat.

For the Salmon, warm the olive oil in a large, heavy skillet over high heat. Season the salmon pieces with salt and pepper. Sear the salmon until a golden crust forms, about 4 to 5 minutes on the first side. Flip and continue cooking until medium-rare, about 2 more minutes or so.

Just before serving add the mint to the brodetto.  Ladle into dishes, place the salmon in the broth and the puree atop the fish.  Be sure to have a good loaf of crusty bread nearby – you’re going to want to sop up every last bit of the lemony broth.


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