Part 1: Delicious things we found outside.

Now on day four of our separation (sniff!) we decided to take stock of our surroundings, and really drill down on those differences that make Provence and Prospect Heights so unique and special. For this first post, we recorded different edible items we found in our respective environments.

For Hillary, those things consisted of:

Mourvedre grapes, leftover from wine (and jelly) harvests:




Mint, growing along side the road

Olives, which will not be ripe for quite some time…

For Amy, those things consisted of:

Hot dogs or pretzels! From a cart…on the dirty street corner…sitting in gross water for hours…mmm that’s what I call delicious. And of course the real street food…I think there’s a half full Jamba Juice in there…Let’s hope things don’t ever get that desperate…

Edible things found outside in NYC proper? Slim pickins’.

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