The B.L.T.

Sometime in the past year, I’m not sure exactly when, Hillary introduced me to the best b.l.t. I’ve ever had.  A cute little spot located right in my neighborhood (dangerous) – Choice Market really knows what they’re doing.  It doesn’t vary much from the classic except for the addition of a rosemary aioli but dang, it’s good.

Thinking on greens this week somehow had me craving one of these bad boys.  Instead of rosemary mayo however, I reached for the homemade pesto I had in my fridge.  It was a good move.

I know no one really needs a recipe to make a great b.l.t… you already know who’s involved: bacon, lettuce and tomato (duh.) but I guess I’m writing this to urge you to take care when you make this lunchtime favorite – go for the good heirloom tomato (especially this time of year!), a great loaf of bread, thick cut Sunday bacon, and of course the crispest of lettuce.  Assemble with a little jazzed up mayo and you’re in for a treat.Ingredients (aka the usual suspects):
1 loaf of great bread
crunchy lettuce – I used red leaf
1 beautifully ripe tomato
sweet smokey bacon
mayo + add ins – fresh herbs, pesto, etc

You know the drill – toast the bread, slather it with mayo, cut and salt (very important folks, it really amplifies the flavor) the tomato, cook the bacon, layer on the crisp lettuce and top with the other slice of bread.Now go ahead and take a bite.  You earned it.


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