Steak Salad & Maple Acorn Squash

Thank goodness there is finally a chill in the air. I echo Amy’s sentiments about Autumn — it is definitely my favorite season. Sweaters, cords, and the smell of freshly sharpened #2 pencils create a heavenly atmosphere.

There are lots of new friends to meet at the farmers’ market as well — squash in every size, shape and color, and an incredible bumper crop of fragrant heirloom tomatoes.

In hopes of utilizing as many farm-fresh items as possible, I opted to create a flavorful deconstructed steak salad with microgreens, corn, and heirloom tomatoes, with maple-scented roasted acorn squash on the side.

For four servings of squash you will need:

Two acorn squash
2 tbsp butter
4 tbsp maple syrup

Preheat your oven to 400 F.

Slice each squash in half (across, so there is a stem half and a non-stem half), and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Place them on a sheet pan, cavity side up. Season with salt, then place 1/2 tbsp of butter inside each, and drizzle each with 1 tbsp of maple syrup.

Bake them for 50 minutes to an hour, until they are easily pierced by a fork.

Serve in bowls for easy eating!

Next for the salad, this can be easily thrown together while the squash is in the oven.

For four plentiful servings you will need:

4 ears of corn
4 cups greens
Two large heirloom tomatoes
1 1/2 lbs steak (I used flank steak)
Olive oil
Dash white balsamic vinegar

Cut the corn off the cob and saute in a little olive oil for 5 or so minutes, until slightly tender. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Slice the tomatoes into wedges and season with salt. Next for the steak. Season it well on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat up a  cast iron skillet (or grill) until very hot. Add a little olive oil, and cook the steak for about 3 and a half minutes on each side for medium rare. For thicker steaks cook for longer.

Assemble all salad components on plates, drizzle the greens and tomatoes with a bit olive oil and a splash of white balsamic vinegar, and add a bit of local goat cheese as well if you like!

A farm-fresh feast in a snap!

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