Day 3: On Our Christmas Lists (Part 1)

Aside from the obvious choice of a Red Rider BB gun with a compass and a stalk and this thing which tells time, I had quite a difficult time coming up with things for my culinary wish list. My kitchen is also so chock full of things I don’t even know if I have room for a box of toothpicks. BUT if pressed, perhaps:

31wQfIitCwL._SX450_A large cast iron skillet, like this one made by Lodge, I have a smaller one, but it would be nice to round out the collection.




A large butcher block — maybe around 20″, like this one made by John Boos. Again, I have a couple of smaller ones, but it gets crowded when slicing up a hoard of veggies for a winter soup.

I think that’s all, check out what is on Amy’s list tomorrow!

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