A Berry Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

Since being on this smoothie kick I’ve been keeping the freezer chocked full of peeled and chopped bananas and a few bags of this delicious berry blend (Organic AND antioxidant rich? Sign me up!)

This classic combo is not only healthy but it’s delicious and filling!  I usually use skim milk but feel free to substitute with the liquid of your choice – actually I was low on skim milk this morning and borrowed a little of my room mate’s Vanilla Almond Milk (thanks Liz!) – added protein!? Even better!

A Berry Antioxidant Rich Smoothie
Serves 2
1 large banana
2 cups frozen berries (my blend consists of blueberries, blackberries and strawberries)
1 ½ cups liquid
photo (1)Blend well until smooth – and cheers to your health!

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