0413-BA-SARS.01So it seems as though spring has come and gone, and now we’re back in a weird winter… in an attempt to lure the warm weather back we’re cooking up some tasty asparagus recipes this week! Last year we made lemony farfalle with asparagus and a delicious shaved asparagus & new potato salad. Check back at the end of the week for even more asparagus goodness! (yummy asparagus pic courtesy of Bon Appetit’s April issue!)

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  1. uniquecravings says:

    Hey ladies-

    Hope spring is treating you well so far. Tom and I just made this pasta the other day with some fresh ricotta from Brancaccio’s in Brooklyn. It turned out delish.

    I’m so terribly behind on emails so Amy I may not have replied to tell you we’re on 72St right now. Whereabouts are you? Would love to connect if you’re nearby!


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