Steak Sandwich

Like Hillary mentioned – sometimes, despite our best efforts, we don’t get everything on our weekend to-do lists accomplished – in fact most of the time I’m lucky if I get two items crossed off the list.  BUT every once in a great while lighting strikes and I actually manage to be productive.  A midst a weekend-long move (ughk, isn’t moving the worst!) I found my way to Fairway to grocery shop for the week (the only way to avoid paying midtown Manhattan lunch prices!). 

Last night I made my first real dinner in my new home – a simple salad with seared steak (with a touch of ramp butter!) and Gorgonzola.   I’m so happy in the new place but the real treat… leftover steak for lunch today! I layered the steak on an onion roll with a little lettuce, orange segments, Gorgonzola and leftover vinaigrette and rounded out the meal with an apple (the ‘ol brown bag staple).  Perfect take along lunch to sit and enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

photo 2

PS – how cute are these reusable sandwich bags!? My attempt at being green…baby steps.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I love fairway!!! Yay uws!

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