It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… so we decided to start a blog.

Armed with our Le Creusets and ferocious appetites we embark on a quest to tackle a different ingredient every week.

First and foremost, aTaleof2Kitchens is about two food-loving gals having a fantastic time cooking. Together and apart we do our best to use local, sustainable, and most importantly, seasonal ingredients in all of our recipes. We hope that the enjoyment and good eats we get from this blog will translate into delicious entertainment for all who read it.


1 Response to About

  1. Paula Shaw says:


    I could kick myself for taking so long to sign up for the “tale”. I promise you I will try the couscous since Hewitt loves kick and couscous. Going to an Amish auction this evening and hope to get some peaches Hope all is great with you and looking forward to my in box lighting up with “tales” other than fish tales from my son!!


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