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Day 11: DIY Edible Gifts (Part 1)

We’re really getting down to the wire on the big day… If some of you are struggling with last minute gift ideas we figured we’d help you out with some DIY edible gifts. I was perusing for inspiration when … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Muffins

I have to admit, carrots are not my favorite food. I like them roasted and baked into cakes but raw? Bleck. I don’t know how the Easter bunny does it. So since that excludes salads and slaws, I picked out … Continue reading

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Spicy Glazed Carrots

Brown sugar.  An important ingredient for so many sweet treats but I wanted to pair it with something remotely healthful…glazed carrots was a thought!  It’s kind of a throw back sort of dish but tasty none the less.  I remembered … Continue reading

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Pulled pork

So I actually made this a week ago today, but it has been QUITE a busy week, hence the tardy post…. and I guess you could call this one a bit of a non traditional brown sugar recipe. Last Friday … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar

Why is the sky blue? Why is brown sugar brown? These are the age old questions that have plagued us since childhood…  Brown sugar is actually just white cane sugar + molasses, but boy does that molasses make a difference. … Continue reading

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