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Sausage, Bean and Cabbage Soup

It seems we’re in that weird span of time just before Spring when we get a beautifully balmy day on Saturday and by Wednesday they’re calling for snow.  The perfect weather for getting sick, really.  So why not load up … Continue reading

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Spicy red cabbage & soba noodle salad

I was inspired by Bon Appétit’s slideshow post last week on interesting ways to use sriracha, and fortunately for me and my blogging needs, one of the dishes involved red cabbage! This soba noodle salad is one of those perfect … Continue reading

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Options are endless when it comes to this cool season vegetable. And sure it tastes great but better yet: it’s antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory rich, and high in glucosinolates which in layman’s terms means: it’s cancer fighting! Woohoo!  Check back next week … Continue reading

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