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Cold Cucumber Soup

Cucumbers and yogurt always get along great — they are delicious in dips and sauces, so why not a soup? The LA Times published a tasty looking recipe back in June that I wanted to try, aside from chilling time, you … Continue reading

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Bootie’s Cucumbers

First – let’s tackle the pronunciation.  Sound out the o’s as if you were saying book, not boot.  Bootie was my maternal Grandma.  She had a sharp wit and quick wink (which I’m very grateful to have inherited).  I’m not … Continue reading

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Varieties of cucumber are typically classified into: slicing, pickling, and seedless or “burpless” (ha-ha). We haven’t done many cucumber-involved recipes to date… except for the disgusting Snozzcumber recipe that I would recommend avoiding at all costs. So check back later … Continue reading

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