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Spiced Parsnip Muffins

Last month I had one of the most delicious treats of all time — Spiced Parsnip Bread from the Shandaken Bake stand at the New Amsterdam market in the South Street Seaport. Never before had I experienced parsnips like this … Continue reading

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Day 9: Holiday Cookies (Part 1)

The December issue of Bon Appétit has Speculoos Buttons (the most adorable cookies EVER!) on the cover. Something I’m sure Santa would like to find on a plate in your house during his visit. They are not only beautiful to … Continue reading

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Croque Monsieur

Hot cheese: the ultimate cure for a dreary day. And these past couple of days have sure been dreary. One of the best vessels for hot cheese is the classic French Croque Monsieur — basically a tricked-out grilled cheese. My … Continue reading

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Alsatian Onion Tart

Onions will always remind me of Shrek trying to explain the complexity of his character to Donkey: “There’s a lot more to ogres than people think, ogres are like onions, they have layers.” SO instead of creating some a horrible … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Carbonara

In general I’d say we all, on the whole, try to be pretty good most of the time.  We try to eat more greens, drink a little less, get some exercise, be nice to one another, avoid road rage.  But, seeing that we are only … Continue reading

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Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Hmm who has already finished all of their holiday shopping and wrapping? … Oh that’s right, it’s me. Good luck to you, Ames! I had every intention of making delicious cheesy pasta this week. I actually made creamy wild mushroom … Continue reading

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Greek mac n’cheese

At the risk of sounding like a total boozehound I must confess when I think nutmeg I immediately think cocktails: eggnog, painkillers, brandy alexanders… but being that it’s the week before Christmas and still having plenty of shopping, wrapping, and … Continue reading

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Sure, the addition of this spice makes for delicious soups, curries & baked goods, but this time of year all I can think of are the festive cocktails I’d like to sprinkle it over… Check back next Monday to see … Continue reading

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