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Belated Day 12: DIY Edible Gifts (Part 2) and A Clean Eating Cleanse to Kick Off 2013…

And here we are…another Christmas come and gone…I certainly hope you and yours had the most wonderful holiday and may the celebrating continue through the new year! If you’re like me you’ll still be giving gifts throughout the weekend to … Continue reading


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Day 6: Festive Cocktails (Part 2)

With holiday shopping left to do I set out after work today to check a few things off the ol “to do” list – bad. idea.  It was the perfect storm of bad weather, empty shelves and cranky last minute … Continue reading

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Day 4: On Our Christmas Lists (Part Deux)

True, my kitchen is reaching maximum capacity but I always seem to find room somewhere… Here’s the skinny on my holiday wish list… I’ve been very good this year, I promise. Which is why this amazing marble island is on … Continue reading

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Day 2: Foodie Gifts (Part 2)

Adding to Hillary’s list of great gifts to send to your favorite food obsessed friends, here are a few of my recommendations… 1. Gowanus Furniture Company’s Culver Stovetop Cutting Board.  Apartment living has its challenges, like finding enough space in your … Continue reading

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We’re (sortof) Famous!

A while back, we had a fun little collaboration with Michael Popek, talented author, blogger, and bookstore owner. We are very excited to announce that ataleof2kitchens is featured as a contributor (we made a tasty orange-scented cake) in his latest … Continue reading

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Strawberry, Goat Cheese & Balsamic Sammy

Hillary showed us how to incorporate these seasonal berries into the perfect summery sweet treat but what are we to do when we want something a little more savory?  Throw ’em in between two slices of bread – you’ll be … Continue reading

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Mango, Cucumber & Radish Salad

For such a small list of ingredients this salad sure packs a seriously flavorful punch.  The combination of peppery radish with the crisp cucumber and sweet mango really sings. Full disclosure, I used a mandoline, or should I say mis-used … Continue reading

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French Onion Soup

Hillary and I both looked towards France for a little onion inspiration this week.  Hillary to Chef Soltner, I to Julia. Opening Mastering The Art of French Cooking to the well worn page in which soupe a l’oignon resides will always take me back to the … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Feast

After an entire evening huddled together in Hillary’s kitchen, (we would not file this meal under “quick & easy”) it’s safe to say we’ve sealed a years worth of good fortune after the New Years feast we put together. Our … Continue reading

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Navets persilles (roasted turnips in parsley butter)

So I know our last posts were all about moderation… and I really did think about a more healthy route I could take with these wintery root veggies… but unfortunately I’ve destroyed any sort of nutritional value to be gained … Continue reading

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