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Pumpkin Soup

One of my favorite cookbooks EVER is Mmmmmmm: a feastiary, the first book written by former Gourmet editor in chief, Ruth Reichl in 1972. I was so thrilled to finally get my hands on a copy last spring — Ms. … Continue reading

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Bananas Foster

Like Amy, I decided to make a decadent dessert this week – mine was definitely on the quick and easy side of the spectrum. I did add an element of danger, however, a little flambé action (kids… don’t try this … Continue reading

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Poached (local) Eggs over Cheesy Bacon Grits

Anyone who’s ever driven through Ohio has probably noticed the vast farms and cornfields that flank our major highways.  In fact, the state contains more than 13million acres of farmland. Funny farm related story: a parent of a close college … Continue reading

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Shrimp Scampi over Fettucini

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sham. I like to call myself a foodie, but in my entire life I have never cooked any creature from the sea. Recently, I’ve been trying a scallop here, some flaky … Continue reading

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Guinness Chocolate Mini Cupcakes

There once was a dry stout called Guinness, In des-per-ate need of a misses. He searched high and low, and what do you know, Miss Cho-co-late yearned for his kisses! Who doesn’t enjoy a little limerick writing now and again? I absolutely love … Continue reading

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Lemon Curd

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Pi day. I had suggested to my counterpart that we do some sort of Pi (or Pie) themed post for the occasion and was brutally rebuffed, apparently she has … Continue reading

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Butter, Salt n’ Radishes

Seeing that I had no Valentine’s Day plans to speak of I was grateful to at least have this blog to keep me busy over the weekend… I spent the better part of Saturday trolling Cleveland’s West Side Market – … Continue reading

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Cheese Soufflé for One

I was recently reading an article called Eggs for Dinner in the February issue of Self magazine about how eggs can help you lose weight/feel amazing… so I naturally decided to make something particularly decadent and fattening for this post. Judith … Continue reading

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Classic Sourdough Bread

I’ll have to admit, bread is one of those things that I’m really terrified to make… hours and hours of kneading, rising, resting, with the possiblity of everything going completely awry… So I was determined to do everything for these … Continue reading

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Beurre Blanc

After thinking for a few days on what I wanted to make involving butter I settled on a sauce – a butter based sauce.  I haven’t made too many in my day so I figured it’d be a challenge and … Continue reading

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