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Guinness and Cheddar Rarebit over Fried Eggs

The sun finally poked through the gray winter clouds last week in Northeast Ohio, melting the remaining snowdrifts and giving us a taste of the warm weather to come. St. Patrick’s day was brilliantly sunny and a balmy 65 degrees.  … Continue reading

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Classic Sourdough Bread

I’ll have to admit, bread is one of those things that I’m really terrified to make… hours and hours of kneading, rising, resting, with the possiblity of everything going completely awry… So I was determined to do everything for these … Continue reading

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Sourdough Chocolate Cake

… with chocolate buttercream icing. I am totally blaming my counterpart, Hillary, for bringing sourdough into my life just after the butter heavy holiday season.   Just what I needed – an excuse to eat more bread. Actually, to be fair, … Continue reading

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